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Being a Car Wash manufacturing company, We are fruitful manufacturer in Car Wash Industry. Our Car Wash System is made with perfection, with its unique features. Our Car Cleaning Machine washes your car completely from all directions, the brushes follows the contour of the vehicle of any shape and size which is continuously monitored by the logical controller.

Our vision lies in becoming a role model in the industry with technology leadership, innovative products, solutions, service excellence and therefore heralding an era of irrevocable prosperity. Our gamut of services complies of Car Washer Equipment, Machine Car Wash, Truck Tyre Wash System and commercial vehicle washing machine. Based in Ahmedabad, we have extended our services of Car Washing Equipment across other territories and countries.

Car Washing Machine Manufacturer:

Nissan clean India is a leading service provider of vehicle washing systems for small wash bays to large fleet of vehicles. Keep in the mind entire need of vehicle washing, we have designed innovative systems that serve cost-effective and time saving purposes for cleaning of all kinds of vehicles. We have developed vehicle cleaning systems for small cars to big commercial vehicles like heavy duty trucks, bulldozers, trams and trains.

Roll Over Truck Wash

We pride to have more than 100 successful installations in India as well as in foreign countries. Thousands of vehicles are daily washed through our systems properly. Having experience of one and half decade has made us able to fabricate satisfactory wash systems for seamless applications.

Our car cleaning equipments and bus-truck washing equipments are preferred by professional vehicle wash operators, auto dealers, rental car operators, transit authorities, private bus operators, municipalities and others. Our series of car washing equipments includes Automatic Car Wash Equipment, Automatic Car Wash System, Soft Touch Car Wash, Tunnel Car Wash, Brush Car Wash, Speed Car Wash and custom equipments. 

We possess all required facilities to manufacture and test high-tech equipments test them as per standards set by industries. Our range is highly suitable to operate for Australian Market. We are eager to deal with importers from gulf countries, Middle East countries and in south east countries.

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