Car Washing Machine In India

Automatic Car Wash Machine Manufacturer in India

Automatic car wash is an economic system to clean the car. It is also high profitable with respect to business deal. Least consumption of power and water and high output of easy and quick cleaning has made our whole series of Car Washing Systems so preferable in India and abroad. An experience of one and half decade has helped most to make our all ranges of models of Automatic Car Wash, so efficient.

Automatic Car Wash Equipment

The series of automatic car wash equipment contains various models with different configuration and capacity. Whole series is designed by considering varied requirements of our clients. Superior grade material offer high efficiency for reliability and durability.

The body plate of automatic car wash equipment is made from rust proof hot dip galvanized steel sheet to provide the equipment high strength and matchless durability.

To increase the finishing of the machine aluminum composite panel is used to coat fascia.

It contains water proof motors with IP 66 protection. It is provided with one touch washing cycle. For the wheel cleaning, it has special wheel cleaning system. It has touch screen control panel.

Automatic Car Wash System

To make an efficient automatic car wash system, we go extra mile and strive to provide high quality equipments with touch free car wash. In automatic car wash system, high pressure spray of water is done to remove the dirt from the surface of car.

Brushes that are soft bristles make rotate around the car to make it clean.

Our Automatic Car Wash System contains unique design to offer completely harmless operations. In other car washing systems water is sprayed over the car. While in Nissan automatic car wash system, water is sprayed on the brushes.

Our system does not damage the paint of car from any angle. Ends of bristles are split that makes it very soft to fulfill the operation with smooth and efficient manner.

The system requires 30 feet length and 15 feet width of area to install. The ‘under chassis wash system’ do not acquire extra space. The system contains 7 different wash cycles for operation. Pre wash, foam soap spray, brush washing, wheel wash, wax spray and drying.

Soft Touch Car Wash

As being biggest Manufacturer and Supplier of high-tech car washing systems, we provide highly efficient and quick system for the soft touch car wash. Our competent car wash system is popular for its effective soft touch car wash which offers effective washing for also difficult places of cars and it provides perfect and satisfied car washing with 100% cleaning washing experience. Washing cycles are designed in such a way to offer accurate and glossy car wash.

Brushes that are used for operations are soft bristles. Dirt from car surface is removed with these soft bristles before washing. Brushes rotate and pick up dirt from the surface of the car. There no scope of scratch or paint damage because the next cycle is done with cleaned soft bristles. Bristle’s ends are made split to make it too soft. Brush pressure can also be adjusted as per requirement.

Even our touch free Car Wash System is also too safe for the surface and shining. They are specially designed to clean the car with high pressure water that efficiently provides higher cleaning experience with safe mode for car’s shiny surface.

Tunnel Car Wash System

Our tunnel car wash system is a High Pressure Car Wash System. It is a touch-less, robotic washing system for car of all categories. It is an advanced system for car wash that effectively fulfills perfectly cleaned washing purpose with quick manner.

Our tunnel car wash is provided with under chassis wash system that is highly time saving and efficient method for cleaning the chassis without lifting the cars.

It contains options of sliding under chassis washing or swiveling under chassis washing as per requirement. Tunnel Car Wash System conduct washing cycles with pressurized water, shampoo and wax by using air injection system. Entire washing is done within only 3 minutes. It is provided with variable frequency drive to change washing time as per need. It efficiently provides good washing capacity with smallest space requirement. It offers washing of 20 cars per hour.

Brush Car Wash

Each and every component of our Car Washing System is made with defining criteria of quality. Our brush car wash is an efficient system that fulfills cleaning procedure with quick and effective manner. Perfect wheel cleaning is done with wheel cleaning system. It exhibits total automatic operations like pre wash, foaming, scrubbing and high pressure under chassis cleaning.

It contains 2 separate units of lifting motors with timer belt. It’s elegant and robust designed structure offer simple and accessible system. It is maintenance free structure with verified wheel wash system.

Cleaning is fulfilled with rotating of brushes. Complete structure is constructed with rugged hot drip galvanized sheets. The system for brush car wash contains premium quality soft foam bristle brushes. These soft foam bristle brushes are means of effective cleaning.

Speed Car Wash

We are tagged as leading manufacturer and supplier of robust and quick systems for car washing. Our car washing system is popularly known as system for speed car wash. Our system is a touch-less car wash system that offers economic procedure with swift washing cycles.

High precision is created for the wash cycles with robotic, high pressure cleaning schedule of washing sequences.

It is suitable for all ranges of cars and completed entire washing of a car within 3 minutes. It cleans 20 cars per hour. It contains powerful blower. It offers High pressure wash up to 50 bars is offered. highly demanded for the service stations and professional car washers. It offers easy installation along with minimum space need. It is also required by automobile dealers for its ease of Speed Car Wash.

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