Car Washing Machine In India

Car Washing Machine in India

Manufaturer & Suppliers Car Wash Machine in Ahmedabad

We Are Leading Manufacturer,Supplier & Exporters of Car washing machine in Ahmedabad,India By Nisaan Clean India. Car washing machine is converted to the necessity from the luxury. There is significant increase in vehicles, most likely the cars, in last decade and its increasing progressively. People, especially in metropolitan city can’t spare the time for the cleaning of the car in their busy lifestyle. For them to make their vehicle clean regularly is necessity. In modern era, car washing machine can be a good start for new profitable business.

Car Washing Machine is the modern equipment to clean the car by washing. We possess high domain expertise of the manufacturing of excellent quality car washer machine with convenient attribute. We have developed a large range of car washers with varied features and capacity.
We offer manual to fully automatic car washer machine, with neat and clean output.

It is highly economic way of car washing due to energy efficient machinery that is built with focusing the high return of investment along with quality output.

Our manual car washer is a steam car washer machine that uses steam and vacuum for the cleaning of vehicle. It is provided with Ozone generator sanitizers that efficiently eradicate germs from inside of the car. It is also provided with deodorizers to remove repulsive and stinking odor from the interior of the car.
It contains steam jet to make clean interior and exterior of the car. Steam jet removes stiff dust from the surface of the car with smooth manner.

  • It cleans also difficult spaces
  • Windows are also cleaned evenly
  • It can make dry floor and seats in least time (20 minutes)
  • Simultaneous application of steam and water give fresh impact to leather and fabrics
  • Remove inflexible dirt, chewing-gums and pet hairs.

Car washing Equipment exporters

We are leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Car Washing Equipment that is complete system for car washing which efficiently remove dirt from difficult places. We hold matchless manufacturing expertise to build the absolute car washing system with many options of functions and capacity.

Our car washing equipments are available with varied automatic and manual options.

Automatic car washing equipments are available with different configurations like wash optima, wash master, wash champ and eco wash. We have designed economic and fast series of car washing equipments.

Our series of Car Washing Equipments can be dismantle and again assembled easily at new location. It is also provided with optional under chasis wash system. It passes through several easy steps of operational cycle. First of all, it is passes through pre wash.

Cars are passes through brush washing after foam soap spray. We make use of standard and imported PE brush with segments of 200 mm. It can be replaced independently. The high quality PE brushes contain life of about 60,000 to 70,000 car washes. It can be also interchange with one another as per requirement.

Car Wash Systems Manufacturer

Having rich experience of about half decade of manufacturing of car wash system, we offer cost-effective series for efficient vehicle washing. Our car wash systems are available with varied configurations and mode of actions. Car wash systems are the systems that are equipped with best quality components. It is provided with Siemens switch gears and rotomotive motors.

We also offer total support and guidance to start a profitable business of car washing. Our manual car wash systems and automatic car wash systems are preferred for its effective operational value with regards to time and speed. The system is so efficient and provides complete wash within 3 to 10 minutes, depends upon the model.

Our manual car wash system is great combination of functions concerning vacuum, steam, ozone and hot air. It contains 10 liter removable water tank, 10 liter removable detergent tank and 20 liter stainless steel tank. It is successfully wash the car by sanitizing and deodorizing car to remove germs and bad odor of car interiors.

High Pressure Car Wash in Ahmedabad

High pressure car wash is efficiently conducted by our model of eco wash car wash system. It is touch-less system to provide quick and proper wash to car with high pressure up to 50 bars. It is a robotic car wash system. Our system of high pressure car wash is competently used by automobile dealers and in modern service stations. It offers easy cost-effective washing cycles that is proven highly profitable with regards to time and money.

Our system for high pressure car wash is perfectly appropriate for all ranges of cars. It is user friendly system and can be comfortably used with minimum training. It is highly preferred for its quick washing capacity that is 20 cars per hour. It is also proven effective car wash system for its smallest space need. The wash cycles are external and under chassis wash. It takes only 3 minutes to clean a car appropriately.

Our eco wash system of high pressure car wash contains newly introduced air injection system that provides quick and perfect output. Cars in this system are washed by high pressurized water, shampoo and wax. One can set the washing time with convenience by latest ‘variable frequency drive’.

Portable Car Wash Machine Suppliers

As being major manufacturer and supplier of best quality, quick and efficient car wash systems, we offer economic range of Portable car wash system that is proven high profitable with good convenience. Our portable car wash system can be operated manually that is popular as ‘all in one’ model. It cleans the car by using vacuum, hot air, ozone and steam. Car’s exterior and interior can cleaned with steam jet.

It is a total safe model for car surfaces. It is smoothly remove dust and soil from car surface. It efficiently reaches to the difficult places of the car. Windows are also properly cleaned with this portable car wash system.

It contains 3 and 5 liter boiler with power 2300/3000 w/ steam contains 165°c temperature and 6 bar steam pressure. It has 4 kg steam output and 1400 w,3 stages vacuum power.

It is popular due to least water consumption and best output. It is eco friendly model that do not produce dirty water to drain and do not use any kind of chemical. It is highly demanded across Gujarat and India due to its excellent features and mobility.

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