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Washing of the cars, buses, trucks, trailers, tractors, vans and other odd shaped vehicles are now not a luxury but it is a necessity. Everyone wants to maintain their vehicles neat and clean. So it is a high profitable business by all means. Vehicle washing is the business of big return on their investment. We have developed modern series of washing equipments, available with cost-effective price.

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automatic car wash equipment

Roll Over Truck Wash

The Roll Over Truck Wash is designed to eliminate all the drawbacks of manual cleaning and to offer matchless cleaning experience with swift and smooth manner. Primarily we have focused the time saving factor and made the cleaning system for bus and trucks that fulfill complete and efficient cleaning within 4 minutes. The washing cycles can be managed as per need. The system offers 15 vehicles per hour for effective cleaning.

Our roll over truck wash is specially designed for washing vehicles of different heights. We also provide special roll over for small fleets of vehicle. The Roll Over Truck Wash assures for perfect and harmless washing of vehicle and provides best result for paintwork and other accessories.

Tire Wash Equipment

Nissan clean India is foremost Manufacturer and Supplier of most modern vehicle washing system. Along with systems for superior washing of vehicles, we have also designed effectual tire wash equipment that suitably provide best cleaning results for all kinds of tire design. Our Tire Wash Equipment makes punctual cleaning of the rims of vehicles. It automatically detects the tire design.

It is provided with rotating brushes that make appropriate cleaning through the rims. It works with dual action spin that provide best washing results for all kinds of wheel design. The major advantage of this equipment is working life of rotating brush. It is imported PE brush that contains life of 60,000 to 70,000 tire wash. If bristles made out, it can be interchange with the bristles that are less affected. The soft foam bristles consists of long lasting performance and can be used for about 100000 to 120000 tire washes.

Mining Wash Equipment

Our Mining Wash Equipments are one of our efficient industrial washing equipments that offer completely custom washing system, specially designed for particular need. Our mining wash equipments are designed for entire range of vehicles used in mining. It is proposed for light vehicles, medium vehicles and heavy duty vehicles. Our mining wash equipment is suitably used for the haul pack trucks.

Our drives through haul truck wash systems are highly preferred for vehicle wash bays. Supreme robotics involvement has made our Mining Wash Equipments ideally suitable for turn-key mining projects. We provide complete assistance for planning, construction, installation and maintenance and after sales service for such projects.

Commercial Vehicle Washing Machine

We are tagged as leading Indian Manufacturer and Supplier of best quality vehicle washing systems. Our multiple wash solutions are favorably used for many specific applications. We have lent a hand out to many turn key projects with sharing washing and cleaning purpose of projects. Our washing solutions are proven successful with highly economic mode. We offer many specific cleaning solutions with commercial vehicle washing machine.

Our Commercial Vehicle Washing Machine can be extensively used for light to heavy vehicles and also for trams and trains. Our wash system includes wheel wash system and under-chassis wash system. The commercial vehicle washing machine includes favorably as truck washing machines and bulldozer washing machines.

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