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Automatic Bus Wash System in India

Automatic Bus Washing Machine Manufacturer

To wash a giant vehicle with precise and satisfactory manner with quick operation is a challenge. Keep in the mind all criteria about the conditions and functions of vehicles; we have designed cost-effective and satisfactory wash sequences for Automatic Bus Wash System. It is designed to clean efficiently the area beyond reach of brushes of the system.

To overcome the trouble to clean difficult area of the bus, we have involved prewash and high pressure wash in the washing cycles. It contains very effective zero degree rotating nozzles. We are marked as leading manufacturer and supplier of automatic bus wash system. Our bus wash system contains 12 m length, 2.6 m width. Machine height is 3.8 m. In Automatic Bus Wash System brushes are made from high quality polyurethane for uniform cleaning.

Automatic Bus Washing Machine

Nissan clean is India’s leading manufacturing company fabricating fully automatic controlled wash unit for the buses and trucks. It contains double side brush rollers. It is build with rigidly welded structure made from hot dip galvanized body. It consists of electronically operated controls for the both sides of brushes.
The system for Automatic Bus Washing Machine can be operated with one push button.

Cleaning system moves around bus on ground mounted rails. This automatic system is very quick system and fulfills the complete operation within 4 minutes only. All glasses and windows are cleaned properly within 4 minutes.

The system is provided with polycarbonate splash guard for effectual body protection from water. It also contains water proof IP66 motors. It contains stainless steel water nozzles and highly durable aluminum strut pipe brush rollers.

Bus Wash Machine

Washing of the bus is the one of the essential functions of its maintenance. Considering the ranges of all kinds of bus length and width and height, we have developed quick and fully automatic bus wash machine with robust construction.

To clean such big vehicle manually is not practically reasonable.

Our automatic unit of bus washing is available with varied options of operations like 2-brush operation, 3 brush operation and high pressure brushless operation. We have designed unique and matchless series of bus wash machine, also called rollover system.
The efficient series of bus wash machine is highly demanded across India due to its quick, safe and easy operation. It is perfectly suits to all range of buses. It is admired for the precise cleaning of all accessories as well as of paint work.

Bus Wash Equipment

Nissan clean India offer an efficient series of bus wash equipment with safe and swift cleaning guarantee. Our series contains three different range of system that is NWS-2BT, NWS-3BT and NWS-HP. It offers swift, smooth and safe cleaning operation with satisfactory result. It contains polyurethane bristle brushes. It also contains highly durable aluminum strut pipe brush rollers and stainless steel water nozzles.

To provide complete robustness to our Bus Wash System, we have designed our system with water proof IP66 motors. It is also provided with mechanically strong fully hot drip galvanized interior and exterior. It is provided by in-built weather proof PLC based operating control system. Best quality polycarbonate splash guard offer proper protection for the body.

Brush Bus Wash

The advanced features of our brush bus washes are favorable among the service station owners and professional car washers. Best output with reasonable investment and minimum maintenance has made the system better example for high return of their investment. We offer three different series of Brush Bus Wash System that is NWS-2BT, NWS-3BT and NWS-HP.

It is highly suitable solution of washing of buses, trailers, trucks and temperature controlled trucks with canvass covers. It is also used effectively for special vehicles and vans. Precise dose dispensers have made operation easy and economic. It is provided for liquid foam wash for efficient cleaning cycles. The wash time can be programmed as per area of operation.

Drive Through Bus Wash

We are marked as leading Indian Manufacturer and Supplier of drive through bus wash. Our easy and simple procedure of cleaning has made such criteria of drive through bus wash. It takes only 4 minute to wash thoroughly the complete vehicle. The swift and smooth cleaning procedure facilitates the operators to make the good number of washing of bus, 15 buses per hour.

Though it is quick and Drives Through Bus Wash, it is highly satisfactory experience of cleaning. It sanitizes the germs and makes clean even difficult area of the vehicles. Polythene brushes are meant for zero maintenance and long lasting functional capacity. It is also believed strong and robust due to its rigid body protection by best quality polycarbonate splash guard, from water splashes during operation.

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